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4 ways to stay healthy during the cold season.

While we welcome it when the weather ushers in a cool change, the cold season is a time where we intuitively choose to stay indoors, become less active and consume heartier (and often less healthy) meals. In winter, most of us go into a kind of human hibernation!

However, we can all take steps to ensure that we don’t become too slack and sedentary this cold season! We've spoken before about how the to remedy common winter-related illnesses, but today we want to look at 4 ways that you can stay on your fitness track during winter, and that can help prevent unhealthy winter habits.

Stay healthy during the cold season – Keep your immune system strong


There’s a reason that cold and flus circulates more during winter; when your body works harder to stay warm, your immune system becomes weaker. It’s important to provide additional support to your immune system during this time by taking daily vitamin C and zinc supplements, eating plenty of fresh produce and keeping yourself warm.

If you do come down with a virus, ensure that you take plenty of time to rest and prop your diet up with extra fluids and double doses of vitamins. It can take longer to kick an illness in the cold; give your body the best chance possible!

Stay healthy during the cold season – Exercise in the sun


During the summer months, we often seek shade or air-conditioned gyms for our workout regimes. While working out indoors is a good idea when the weather is freezing—especially for those who develop dangerous asthmatic symptoms when they work out in frosty conditions—the sun can be a great counterbalance to the general temperature!

Move your trampoline to a spot where you'll get a good deal of sun during the warmest time of the day. Just slip, slop, slap and bounce! The sun will keep you warm, you get some quality outdoor time and your workout regime goes uninterrupted. If it really is too cold for a bounce, download an exercise app on your phone. You might find plenty of free workout ideas that you can do in the warmth of your lounge room.

Stay healthy during the cold season – Focus on fluids


Your body craves water and electrolytes in summer heat—when you’re working up a sweat. However, you still need plenty of fluids when your body temperature drops, and it can be deceptively hard to keep up your water consumption when you're in the thick of winter.

Take the time to track how much you are drinking each day. If you aren’t consuming your regular levels, opt for warm herbal teas that not only provide needed fluids, but that also offer comforting warmth suited to the cooler months.

Stay healthy during the cold season – Go to bed early


It’s natural for our bodies to want more sleep during winter; make sure that you’re getting adequate rest! A darkened bedroom, breathable bedding and lack of chilly draughts are critical for getting a good night’s sleep—which will also help to keep your immune system strong and body functioning at its best.


Let us know how you stay motivated during winter. Do you have any tips that help you jump out of bed on a chilly morning?
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