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A backyard gym: 3 great trampoline exercises

A trampoline isn’t only recreational, it’s also a health and exercise powerhouse: gyms have them, Olympians win medals on them, and astronauts use them to prepare for space. According to NASA, in its landmark study, "Body acceleration distribution and O2 uptake in humans during running and jumping", trampolining is as much as 68% more efficient at burning calories than running on the treadmill. See what our customers have to say about our Classic trampoline in real reviews

We’ve spoken before about how bouncing on a trampoline is an aerobic exercise—it boosts your oxygen intake, strengthens your muscles and improves your health. But why just jump, when you can make the most of your trampoline as a fun fitness machine? We’ve got 3 great exercises that’ll work out your entire body with you hardly even realising it.

Before you get started

Remember to always follow your trampoline’s safety instructions! Here’s a general guide for when you’re exercising on your trampoline, whether it be full-sized or mini

  • Position yourself in the centre of your trampoline.
  • Become comfortable with your balance by doing some small warm-up jumps, before gradually jumping higher.
  • Perform your chosen exercise for 3-4 minutes, or more if you want to increase the workout’s intensity. Always ensure that you can get your body back to a vertical position before you land.
  • Return to your small warm-up jumps when you’re ready to finish or start another exercise.

Trampoline gym exercise – Jogging bounce

When you jog, the impact of the hard ground stresses your knees and joints, but when you jump on the trampoline, it’s your muscles that react to the pushes and pulls of gravity. The ‘jogging bounce’ combines the circulatory benefits of jogging with the trampoline’s ability to tone muscles through gravity resistance.

After your warm-up, start jogging by landing on an alternate foot at the end of each jump.

Tip: Lift your other knee as high as you can, in the middle of each jump to add a toning ‘knees up’ exercise!

Trampoline gym exercise – Stretching bounce

Stretching exercises, like yoga, encourage the lengthening of your muscles and tendons, while trampolining helps your musculoskeletal system build up resistance strength. The ‘stretching bounce’ combines the positive effects of both, and is part of what gymnasts do to increase their flexibility and strengthen their bones.

Stretch out your arms as you jump to your peak, and gradually relax on your way down.

Tip: Vary your stretches! Over your head, off to your sides, in a star shape; extend your legs and touch your toes if you can. This will fire the muscles in all different parts of your upper body.

Trampoline gym exercise – Dancing bounce

We all know that dancing burns calories and makes us feel better (even if you can’t do it well), but did you know that trampolining also elevates your mood? The same chemicals, endorphins, that your body releases when dancing, it also releases when exercising. The ‘dancing bounce’ combines the calorie burning and positive emotional effects of dancing with a mental workout in coordination, which comes from maintaining your body’s balance while constantly moving.

Bust out your best, or most outrageous, dance moves for those few seconds when you’re at your highest bounce: twist your whole body, tuck your legs into your chest or kick your feet out.

Tip: Put on some music, and really let yourself go. Just make sure that nobody’s watching!


Do you do any other great gym-style exercises on your trampoline? Let us know—we’d love to hear about them. If you don’t yet have a trampoline, and you want to start trying out our fun ‘bounce workouts’, the Vuly Classic makes an affordable and incredibly safe exercising trampoline.

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