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3 fun outdoor games parents (and the kids!) will love.

Age is only a number, right?! We certainly think so here at Vuly, so that’s why we’ve tracked down the best outdoor activities that parents will love just as much as the kids. So at your next family barbecue, birthday party or picnic, don’t take a backseat to the gaming fun—be prepared with one of these super simple activities and let the games begin!


3 fun outdoor games parents (as well as the kids!) will love—Jumbo Jenga

The lowdown: Based on the original game of Jenga, the family classic played with a stack of wooden blocks, Jumbo Jenga follows the same rules but with jumbo-sized wooden pieces! This DIY game is made using 54 smooth wooden blocks, measuring three times as long as they are wide, and one fifth as thick as they are long (1.5cm x 2.5cm x 7.5cm).

How to play:

  • On a flat surface, set up your Jumbo Jenga tower by lying three wooden blocks together all facing one direction, and adding layer after layer facing the opposite direction to the one before
  • Usually best played with 2-4 players, have each player take a turn at carefully removing a wooden block from the stack. The player that tumbles the stack loses the game

3 fun outdoor games parents (as well as the kids!) will love—Bocce

The lowdown: The game of bocce originates as far back as 5000 B.C., where Egyptians played the earliest form of bocce using polished rocks. From here, the game of throwing balls towards a target swept the globe, and still remains a much-loved backyard game today.

How to play:

  • Performed with eight large, heavy playing balls and one small target ball, the aim of the game is to land your large playing ball as close to the target as possible
  • Participants are broken up into two teams, with four playing balls allocated to each (the balls feature two different colours so teams can keep track of their own). Once the target ball has been tossed, team members must throw, roll or bounce their playing ball using only underhanded movements
  • At the end of the round, each team earns a point for every playing ball that is closer to the target than the other teams’. The team that reaches 16 points first is deemed the winner!

 Pickup sticks.jpg

3 fun outdoor games parents (as well as the kids!) will love—Super-Sized Pickup Sticks

The lowdown: Based on the original tabletop version, Super-Sized Pickup Sticks will be an absolute hit with people of all ages! To play the game, you simply need 33 bamboo stakes (or wooden sticks) measuring around 2m, with each set of eight stakes painted in a different colour, and the remaining one painted in black.

How to play:

  • Shuffle the different coloured sticks around in your hand, then splay them across the ground so they are in a messy stack facing various directions
  • Each player (2-4 works well) is allocated a colour, and must try to remove sticks in their colour without moving any of the other sticks
  • If a player successfully removes their coloured stick without moving any others, they may continue and have another turn. If they do move any other sticks, however, they must stop and miss their turn
  • If a player successfully removes the black stick (also known as the master stick) they may use it to move away other player’s sticks in order to successfully remove their own during future turns. Whoever removes all of their coloured sticks first is deemed the winner!

We’d love to know if you incorporated any of these adult-friendly outdoor games into your next event. Which was a favourite?


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