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10 minute trampoline Leg Strengthener workout!

It's a sunny Monday, which means that it's time for the third in our 10 minute trampoline workout series! Last week we went through Core Burner exercises, and the week before, we talked Cardio Killer routines.

Today, we look at strengthening your legs with a number of workouts that not only create toned, firm thighs and behinds, but that melt fat quickly! Because you’re engaging the body’s largest group of muscles, these exercises require a bit more effort to perform, which means that you're also losing extra calories. Talk about a win-win workout!

Trampoline Leg Strengthener workout – Running warm-up


Do 4 sets of 10!

Warm up your body’s most powerful calorie-burning muscles with some on the spot jogging. Drawing your knees up towards your midsection with each step, try landing gently as you alternate. Keep your arms pulled in tightly by your abdomen, or step it up with some forward punches using the opposite arm to leg.

Trampoline Leg Strengthener workout – Mini-jumps

Do 4 sets of 10!

Standing in the centre of the trampoline with your arms by your side, jump up slightly into the air, pull your legs together and point your toes before gently landing. This exercise is all about momentum; focus on achieving quick and short bursts within each round. Shake out your legs between each set to help release that burn!

Trampoline Leg Strengthener workout – Walking lunges


Do 4 sets of 10!

With your hands on your hips and a strong mid-section, begin a round of walking lunges around the outside of the trampoline. Make sure that you lower yourself into the lunge nice and slowly, taking large steps forward so that your knee doesn’t go past your toes as you bend each leg. Your front leg should make a 90º angle when in the lunge position.

Trampoline Leg Strengthener workout – Jumping frogs

Do 4 sets of 10!

Similar to sumo squats—which are squat jumps on the spot—the jumping frog exercise involves you squatting before leaping forward around the perimeter of the trampoline. Hold your arms in nice and close to your abdomen, and dip down as if you’re taking a seat on a chair. Using your leg muscles to propel you forwards, leap forwards like a frog. Then, softly land in the squat position once more.

Trampoline Leg Strengthener workout – Tuck jumps


Do 5 sets of 10!

Begin jumping on the spot in the centre of your trampoline. For every four regular jumps, complete one tuck jump, which involves drawing your knees up to your chest, and holding them there for a moment, before dropping them to land. If you want to make this exercise slightly more challenging, hold your arms up in the air as you complete your regular jumps!


We’d love to know if you’ve completed any of our 10 minute trampoline workouts. Which exercises did you feel were the most effective? Do you have any suggestions for us?

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