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10 minute trampoline Core Burner workout!

We had such a positive response from our 10 minute trampoline Cardio Killer workout, that we thought we'd follow it up with a Core Burner! The second in our 10 minute workout series, this strengthening midsection workout will get help whip you into shape after a bulging Easter!

Core training is not only essential for a tight, toned physique; a strong core encourages better posture, balance and support for your spine. Complete these exercises alongside our 10 minute Cardio Killer workout on your trampoline for a real high energy session. If you're short on time, just slip it solo into your daily routine.

Trampoline Cardio Killer workout – Bouncing warm up

Do 4 sets of 10!

We've said it before, but it bears repeating; always warm up before a trampoline workout. Some simple bounces are a great way to familiarise yourself with the trampoline surface, regain your balance and warm up your muscles, which is an important step in preventing injury. A warm up helps you to get the optimal result from your workout, because as  your heart rate rises, your body begins burning more calories.

Trampoline Cardio Killer workout – Tuck jumps


Do 3 sets of 10!

Start bouncing in the centre of the trampoline, and grasp your knees to your chest on your way up. Quickly release your hands to land in a standing position. Tuck jumps are a high intensity exercise which successfully build core strength; you're utilising your midsection to lift your body’s most powerful muscles.

Trampoline Cardio Killer workout – Twists

Do 3 sets of 10!

This is one on which the kids will surely want to get involved! With your arms at your sides, bounce and swivel in the air to face the opposite direction. Alternatively, attempt a full 360º turn, while remaining straight and upright. Twists require the core to engage and provide the force that turns the body. Not only that, they're also a whole heap of fun!

Trampoline Cardio Killer workout – Elevated crunches


Do 3 sets of 10!

Lying with your back on the trampoline mat, raise your legs in the air, and lean them gently on the trampoline net in front of you. They should be at a 45º angle. Place your hands behind your head, and sit up slightly until you feel your core engage. Hold for one count, and release slowly back to your lying position. Raised legs make these crunches extra effective, and your spongy mat on your back and safe enclosure make injury lot less likely than it otherwise would be!

Trampoline Cardio Killer workout – Bridging


Do 1 30-second hold!

Lie with your stomach on the trampoline mat, and prop yourself up onto your forearms and the tips of your toes. Hold the bridging position for at least 30 seconds, and then relax. The soft trampoline mat requires more balance than solid ground, meaning your core is working even harder than it would be in a traditional bridge.


Do you have any favourite core strengthening exercises, which could translate to your Vuly trampoline? Let us know!

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