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10 minute trampoline Arm Firmer workout!

Like all good things, our 10 minute trampoline workout series must come to an end... In today's final exercise, we're going on an arm toning blitz that's fast, fun and effective! Practise alongside our other targeted 10 minute cardio, core and leg workouts for a flexible and speedy routine that hits your entire body. Transform your backyard Vuly trampoline into the ultimate fitness buddy!

You may not think that you use your arms all that much when you bounce on your trampoline. The truth is that you make all sorts of unconscious movements with your limbs to keep your body balanced in the air and make your landings safe. Add in a few extra exercises, and your trampoline can help firm up those arms in no time.

Trampoline Arm Firmer workout – Jumping jacks

Do 1 set of 30!

We suggested jumping jacks—or star jumps—for our Cardio Killer trampoline workout, but they bear repeating as a warm up exercise for your arms. Position yourself in the centre of the trampoline, jump up, spreading your legs and draw your arms above your head in a star shape. Repeat! If you run out of breath, break down the 30 jumping jacks into sets of 10, pausing in between set.

Trampoline Arm Firmer workout – Bouncing burpees


Do 3 sets of 5!

Adapt your favourite exercises to a trampoline workout! Standing in the middle of your trampoline, jump upwards, shooting your arms straight above your head and pointing your toes. Land in a low crouched position, huddled towards the trampoline mat. Just as in a classic burpee, shift both hands into 'push up' position, and step your legs straight out behind you to complete the push up hold. Complete one push up, then spring your legs back in towards you, returning to your crouched position. Repeat by bouncing up again!

Tip: Let the bouncing lead you; the natural rhythm will give you the momentum to fluidly move between positions more easily than a ground burpee.

Trampoline Arm Firmer workout – Arm circles


Do 4 sets of 20!

This simple arm movement is surprisingly challenging, and it's fantastic when working to achieve lean and toned arms in a trampoline workout. Bounce in the centre of the trampoline with your arms stretched out horizontally, and then create small circles—keeping your hands straight and stiff. Change direction from clockwise to anti-clockwise with each set.

Trampoline Arm Firmer workout – Boxing bounces

Do 5 sets (of minimum 20 punches)!

This trampoline workout is so much fun; you can challenge yourself and create new personal bests! Begin bouncing in a relaxed standing position. While your body is in the air, punch out two fast jabs in front of your mid-section. As you continue to jump, try to increase the number of punches that you can complete while you’re in the air. Remember to keep that core solid and arms strong!

Trampoline Arm Firmer workout – Plank walks


Do 3 sets of 5!

Finish off this arm workout with a cracker! Unlike the usual planking exercise, which requires you to hold the challenging plank position for a period of time, this walking variation involves an extra step for added effort. Place yourself in the high plank position—exactly how you would begin a push up. Now lower each arm into the low plank position, stepping them down one at a time, so that your forearms are flat against the trampoline mat.

Ensure that you keep your legs straight and taut, and keep your bottom pulled in! Walk your hands one at a time back into the first extended high plank position.


Which arm exercises do you find most effective for toning and strengthening? We’d love to hear how you’ve incorporated them into our 10 minute trampoline workout series!
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