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Vuly's 10-bounce lower body trampoline workout!

Here at Vuly, we like to make exercise simple. Bouncing on a trampoline is already easy; 10 bounces of 5 different lower body exercises isn't that much harder! Our latest Vuly trampoline workout is upbeat and fun – slipping seamlessly into a morning or afternoon fitness session, or working wonders as a quick, standalone cardio burst.

Intensity is key! Give each round of 10 all you’ve got, and use five seconds in between each exercise as your breather.

Remember: Jump around your trampoline for a few of minutes to warm up before you begin your workout. Ensure that you stretch out your muscles, too, to prevent any strains or sprains.

10-bounce trampoline workout – 10x tuck jumps


Start your workout with some high intensity tuck jumps. Jump into the air and pull your knees up towards your chest. Release to land naturally. Squeezing in your core will make the exercise easier and help tone your stomach.

10-bounce trampoline workout – 10x knee-up jumps

Just like high-knee running, knee up bounces on your trampoline will be at a faster pace than regular bouncing. Hold your arms close to your sides for balance, and draw one knee up towards your torso. Lower it before bouncing onto the other foot and repeating.

10-bounce trampoline workout – 10x star jumps


Although simple, the basic star jump works a number of muscle groups, making it a brilliant all-over addition to your workout. Jump into the air and extend your arms and legs into a star shape, drawing them back in towards your body to land.

10-bounce trampoline workout – 10x squat jumps

Squats are the meat of lower body workouts; we guarantee that trampoline squat jumps will have you feeling that powerful burn in no time! Spread your feet wide apart, and spring up into the air. As you land, drop your lower back as if you’re sitting down on a seat, before drawing back up into your next jump.

10-bounce trampoline workout – 10x lunge jumps

We like to think that we've improved on normal lunges... the bouncing action in between each lunge will accelerate the effects of this workout! Stand with your hands on your hips, with one leg bent at a 90º angle in front of you and the other bent towards the ground behind you. Do a slight jump, and as you raise into the air, switch the positions of your legs, lowering your back knee down to the ground after your feet have landed.


We’d love to hear how you went with our 10-bounce lower body trampoline workout! Stay tuned for the next post in our '10-bounce' series.

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