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‘Unhealthy’ goal setting—Why most New Year’s resolutions fail.

You’ve clinked glasses on New Year’s eve and welcomed in 2017 with a long list of resolutions alongside a positive can-do attitude. But for many of us (92% to be exact!) in a mere matter of months, our goals for the year will have fallen by the wayside replaced with a battered ego and sense of failure. Just why do New Years’ resolutions prove so hard to achieve? And what can we do to give ourselves the best chance possible? Read on to find out…

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Why most New Year’s resolutions fail—Too big a goal

So many of us jot down a whopping, broad goal as a resolution, which is ultimately setting us up for failure. Rather than simply stating you would like to “get fit” or “eat healthier”, you need to break these big ideas into smaller achievable steps.

Think along the lines of “I will bump up my workouts from three to four days per week” or “I will ensure I eat vegetables every lunch and dinner meal”—these specific actions will give you a far better chance of achieving your resolutions than one large, overarching idea.


Why most New Year’s resolutions fail—Procrastination

It may make us feel good setting our resolutions and sharing them with friends, but procrastination often means that we don’t actually get anything done! Ensure you don’t put your resolutions on the back burner—there’s no better time than the present.

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Why most New Year’s resolutions fail—Being too hard on yourself

Okay, so you’ve fallen off the bandwagon and haven’t stuck to one of your resolutions. So, chuck it out the window, right? Many of us simply give up if we fail at our first attempt, but how you pick yourself up during these rocky times can be just as important as the goal itself. Evaluate why the goal wasn’t achievable, reassess, then get on with bettering your life!


 Why most New Year’s resolutions fail—Going it alone

If you’re going to fly solo achieving your resolutions, be warned now—you’re more likely to give up down the track and abandon your goals. Buddying up with a partner who can support you along the way is a fantastic means to keeping you motivated and on track.


 Why most New Year’s resolutions fail—Being dishonest with yourself

Lastly, pulling the wool over your own eyes is only going to be a hindrance when achieving your resolutions. Be completely honest with yourself, and rather than feeling like a failure if you muck up, support yourself and find the motivation to keep going. A positive, honest relationship with yourself is the key to success.

We’d love to hear some of your New Years’ resolutions! Let us know what you will be focusing your energy on in 2017.

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