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5 reasons to get outdoors: Vuly Trampolines talks nature and health.

While we may not often realise it, as human beings, we have a powerful relationship with nature. Whether it’s through reducing our stress, boosting our vitamins or increasing our physical activity, being outdoors is great for our health.

We've spoken before about why trampolining makes for such a great form of exercise. Part of the reason why bouncing on a trampoline is such an effective way to stay healthy is because you're doing it outdoors. We take a look at 5 benefits that come with getting out into nature—and just how ‘outside’ can change us on the ‘inside’.

Vuly Trampolines' reasons to get outdoors – Air quality

In both cold and hot weather, it can be easy to shut ourselves indoors either under a blanket or with the air conditioner on. Most people don’t realise how detrimental this is for our health. No matter how clean your keep the inside of your home, it'll almost always have poorer air quality and ventilation than your backyard.

Mould, germs from pets, chemicals from insecticides and even lack of movement can all present as health concerns if you spend too much time indoors—especially if you also work in an office. Taking a stroll through your backyard for even a short amount of time every day will work wonders for both your mental and physical health.

Vuly Trampolines' reasons to get outdoors – Oxygen circulation


When we go outside, we increase our physical activity without even realising it! Whether you walk to the local park with a book in hand, meet up for a game of tennis or head out to the jetty for a touch of fishing, you’re moving your body around far more than you would be in an enclosed environment.

Even if you don't leave your backyard, you can boost the effectiveness of your time outdoors by doing simple aerobic exercises to make better use of that wonderful, cleaner air. Try having a 10 minute bounce on your Vuly trampoline! Tying a small amount of outdoor time, like this, into your routine is a great way to increase your daily exercise without having to think about it.

Vuly Trampolines' reasons to get outdoors – Eyesight exercise


TVs, computer screens, smart phones and tablets have a huge impact on a part of your body that you probably don’t pay much attention to—your eyes. As we spend more and more of our time using technology, the health of our eyes can suffer, particularly those of our children. We blink fewer times than we usually would, and we become increasingly accustomed to short sight.

Spending time outdoors allows our eyes to alternate between focusing on long and short distances, as well as adjust to changing light levels. This improves our vision and eases the strain caused by screens. Encourage the kids to have a quick bounce on their Vuly trampoline after school each day. They'll exercise their eyes by looking around the yard and off across the neighbourhood without even realising. It could be all they need to keep their eyesight perfect later in life!

Vuly Trampolines' reasons to get outdoors – Mental wellbeing


Even if you're something of a 'house cat', nature still has a subtle effect on you—whether you know it or not! Because of all the positive stimuli of the outdoors, your brain function increases and feelings of anger, fear, anxiousness and stress reduce.

The more time you spend outside, the more creative and relaxed you'll be, which is especially important for those suffering from depression and anxiety disorders. Being outdoors also naturally boosts your immune and endocrine systems, which means more good bacteria in your body (and fewer colds and viruses)!

Vuly Trampolines' reasons to get outdoors – Vitamin D


Because sunshine is only ever a few steps away, it can be shocking to learn that Vitamin D deficiency is something of an epidemic, particularly amongst the elderly. We can't absorb Vitamin D as easily through our diets or with supplements, which means that a small amount of safe sun exposure is still the most effective way to combat this problem.

Vitamin D is necessary for healthy serotonin levels, immune function, bone and muscle strength, as well as for warding off disease like cancer and diabetes. Make sure that, as part of your healthy diet, you and your family are getting outdoors every day to fully round it out.


What activities have worked for you to get the kids away from their tablets and outdoors?

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