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Vuly Thunder: A Must-Have For Alex James

When we sent a Thunder to The Telegraph columnist and former Blur band member Alex James, we knew that he’d enjoy it as much as everyone else does. But we extremely humbled when Alex named Thunder as one of his summer staples for keeping the kids entertained over summer! You can find his original article here, with thanks to Vuly's UK retail partner Toys R Us for helping to send and assemble Alex's Thunder.

Alex has same sound advice when it comes getting a trampoline for your own garden. “I promise you two things,” he writes in the UK's The Telegraph. “First, you will never, ever think: We should have bought a smaller one; and second, you will never ever think: We should have chosen one with fewer safety features. A safety net is a must.”

Lucky, Vuly Thunder provides both of these things. A large jumping surface, and a safety net that looks after your precious loved ones.

Thunder’s safety net is designed to guide you back into the middle of the mat, stops injuries that result from falling off the trampoline after an over-zealous bounce, and is soft enough to cushion your bounce when you need it to.

It wasn’t just Thunder’s safety features that Alex loved though; it was also Thunder’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

“Until recently, the ultimate in trampoline snazziness was to dig out a hole for the frame so that the bounce mat sits flush with the ground, but the type we plumped for, the Vuly Thunder Trampoline, looks like a sculpture,” he explains.“It would be a sin to hide its elegant lines: the catenary curves of a suspension bridge.”

Perhaps the most important consideration when purchasing a trampoline is its bounce! Creating the world’s best bounce was one of Vuly CEO Joe Andon’s top considerations when designing Thunder, as well as designing a trampoline that would provide endless hours of fun.

“It’s an Australian design which [sic] uses leaf instead of coil springs,” Alex points out. “It really does boing, but, best of all, it comes with a kit that converts it into a tent: a campoline.”

According to Alex, that’s summer, sorted.

For more information visit Vuly Play, and purchase a Thunder for your own garden at Toys R Us UK: www.toysrus.co.uk.

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