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Vuly talks… healthy tips for eating out.

If you’re working hard to stick to a healthy diet, then eating out at restaurants can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield, especially as menus rarely detail exactly what goes into each meal. Today we share some of our top tips for eating out the healthy way, and exactly how you can avoid a restaurant diet blow out.

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Healthy tips for eating out—1. Don’t be afraid to ask

Restaurant kitchens will often work around customer requests, so don’t be afraid to ask! Whether you are concerned about the amount of butter in a meal, would like to switch the fries to a healthier side or request a piece of fish grilled instead of fried, be sure to ask your waiter. Restaurant staff are often knowledgable about the healthy options on the menu, too, so don’t hesitate to pick their brain if you’re unsure.

Healthy tips for eating out—2. Prepare yourself

Jump online before you head out and have a read of the restaurant’s menu—most places will have a copy on their website or on restaurant review sites. Look for dishes that are grilled, oven baked and loaded with vegetables, It’s also a good idea to sharpen up on your food terminology, as words like “crumbed”, “crispy” and “saucy” can often mean lots of hidden calories which are a no-no where a healthy diet is concerned.

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Healthy tips for eating out—3. Stick to a main

Ordering an entree, main and dessert means you’re consuming far more calories than you should be in any one meal. Bread rolls, colourful cocktails and sweet after dinner drinks are also ones to be avoided—instead, stick to a healthy main and a glass or two of wine. It’s always a good idea to ask for any sauces on the side, too.

Healthy tips for eating out—4. Know your cuisines

If you have the option of choosing the restaurant, then it’s best to go for Asian options like Japanese or Vietnamese, Greek, Thai or traditional Mexican. Modern Australian style restaurants usually offer a range of healthy options, too. It’s best to avoid American-style diners, Italian restaurants, burger joints or buffets, which can make sticking to a healthy diet far more challenging.

How do you keep your diet on track when eating out? We’d love to hear any healthy tips you stick to.

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