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Vuly talks fitness technology in 2017.

Fitness technology has come leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, with smart phones, sensors and wearable tech changing the landscape of exercise monitoring and performance forever. We’ve decided to take a look at the exciting technology forecast for 2017 and explore the new and wonderful ways you will be working out into the future.

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Vuly talks fitness technology in 2017—The new breed of fitness device

Whether it’s clicked onto your shorts, wrapped around your wrist or strapped across your middle, the new breed of wearable fitness devices are making waves. Sports watches (one of the most popular fitness tech items in recent times) have stepped it up a notch, with some now including Go Pro integration for sportspeople who like to video record their active outings.

No longer do users have to halt their workout to stop and start their Go Pro camera—it can all be done right from their wrist! Some fitness watches also now have powerful GPS tracking, a brilliant safety feature especially for adventurous individuals who like to get off the beaten track.

Boxers have now welcomed their first specifically-designed piece of wearable technology, too, with attachable straps fitted with sensors able to measure the speed and severity of punches among other things, with fitness progress delivered straight to their smart phone.

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Vuly talks fitness technology in 2017—Fitness fashion

If fitness fashion is your thing, then 2017 certainly won’t disappoint! Loved by athletes the world over, skins refer to tight compression garments which help improve athletic performance. The new age versions have been fitted with sensors which monitor your performance as you train, saving data so you can analyse how you are improving.

Recovery sleepwear is a new fitness concept that will also hit the shelves for the first time in 2017—a special fabric which features bioceramic particles helps to both absorb and deflect certain wave lengths from your body as it rests, improving your quality of sleep and speeding up recovery time!

If you’re a cyclist or runner who loves to train to music, then the new model of fitness sunglasses may be right up your alley. Fitted with ear phones, these sunglasses play your music and feature controls on the wing so you don’t have to break your momentum to change volume or songs. Plus, they deliver regular performance updates such as your distance, how far you’ve come and how quickly you’ve been moving!

You may be familiar with last year’s ‘smart shoes’ which included small computer chips that tracked workout data and delivered it to an app on your smart phone. New models to be released this year feature better batteries and more accurate fitness data collection.

However, if you don’t want your shoes measuring your progress, not to fear! There’s a fitness sports bra that will do that! This amazing integrative technology designed especially for the ladies is decked out with powerful sensors that track breathing and heart rate.

What new fitness technology do you see yourself adding to your workout arsenal? Is there a tech piece you already can’t live without?

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