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Vuly’s top tips for setting up your children’s 360 play set.

Your children’s 360 play set has just arrived, and they are rearing to swing! But before you hurriedly assemble your new backyard addition, it’s best to carefully consider some important safety points on exactly where you should position your play set. Tune in for our top tips to assist you with finding that perfect backyard spot.

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Vuly’s top tips for setting up your children’s 360 play set—The flatter, the better

It’s simple really—the flatter the ground your children’s 360 play set is located on, the better! Setting up a play set on a slope can cause the frame to become unbalanced and potentially topple, creating a serious safety risk for your little ones. Plus, it means the kids have an uneven, unsafe landing zone when they do decide to jump off their swing, potentially causing them to fall forward or back onto themselves.

Once you’ve found the flattest ground in your backyard, ensure the area is free from any sharp sticks, rocks or other objects. If you’re looking for some extra padding for the kids to land on when they do jump off their play set, we recommend creating a sand or soft bark foundation for the play set to sit on.

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Vuly’s top tips for setting up your children’s 360 play set—A spot for supervision

When choosing a location for your children’s 360 play set it’s a good idea to think about supervision—are you able to easily watch the kids playing from your primary living areas? From the back deck? It’s important that the play set isn’t hidden from view, and that you can keep an eye on the kids at all times.

Vuly’s top tips for setting up your children’s 360 play set—Make room for clearance

Once you’ve chosen that ideal backyard location for your children’s 360 play set, it’s important to ensure the swings are given plenty of clearance both in front and to the back (it’s generally recommended that 6 feet both in front and behind the swings is adequate).

Check for any obstructions that the kids could potentially come into contact with when playing, like rock walls, fences and other play equipment, and ensure the swing set is clear of any large trees where falling branches or dripping sap is of concern.

How have you gone finding the perfect backyard position for your children’s new play set? We’d love to see photos of your assembled 360 swing set in action!

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