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Vuly’s achievable health resolutions for 2017.

With a sparkling new year just around the corner, many of us will be contemplating just what will be featured on our 2017 New Year’s resolutions list. However, despite our best intentions, most of these goals will have fallen by the wayside in a mere matter of weeks. Today we share our favourite healthy resolutions which have some serious staying power—achievable goals which even the most uncommitted resolution-maker has a shot of keeping!

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Vuly’s achievable health resolutions for 2017—Meat Free Mondays

Launched by music royalty Paul McCartney and his family in 2009, the Meat Free Monday campaign has since swept the globe, encouraging families to dedicate at least one day per week to eating a vegetarian diet. A brilliant cause for health, animal welfare and the environment, this resolution is one you need on your list!

Online resources include plenty of information about the campaign, celebrity supporters and recent news, plus lots of yummy and healthy recipe ideas, if you need a helping hand kicking off this resolution. 

Vuly’s achievable health resolutions for 2017—The ‘3 times a week’ rule

As we’ve written before, hitting a health goal too hard often results in burn out and often disappointment as you fall off the bandwagon because you’ve gone too hard, too fast. Rather than setting yourself an unachievable fitness resolution, why not start the year off with a ‘3 times a week’ rule—three workout classes, bootcamps or fitness sessions a week.

Exercising three days a week will give you plenty of recovery time to prevent injury and burn out, plus you can easily build up the number of sessions each week as you improve your health and fitness level.

Vuly’s achievable health resolutions for 2017—Big breakfasts

With many Aussies skipping breakfast each day as they race around getting ready for work, study or looking after their family, we suggest making big breakfasts one of your 2017 health resolutions! A nutritious, balanced breakfast has been proven to kickstart your mind and body, providing improved concentration levels plus endurance to keep you firing throughout the day.

We’ve shared lots of yummy, healthy breakfast ideas here—a bit of inspiration is a fantastic way to boost your motivation once you set this new resolution into motion. 

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Vuly’s achievable health resolutions for 2017—Have an active buddy

For many of us, staying regularly active comes with its challenges. A brilliant way to keep your health goals moving forward in 2017 is to team up with a likeminded buddy. Having someone to train with, celebrate with and empathise with about the challenges of a new fitness routine is invaluable, and a surefire way to keep you on track during the tough times.

A particularly beneficial health resolution for those of you who have given up on previous exercise-related goals in the past.

We’d love to hear which health resolutions are making your 2017 list! Will you be including any of ours?

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