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Getting Reluctant Children on a Trampoline

We understand that many children are hesitant to try new things because they feel like they may not have the necessary skills, or it seems scary, or perhaps they are just shy around other kids. As a result, these children may be more sedentary than others, which can lead to some health problems, both physical and mental.

Trampolining is fantastic for shy kids because it provides an immediate result. They can control the height of the bounce, time spent exercising, and level of intensity.  Almost anyone can bounce and have a good time. Aside from balance and coordination, which come naturally, there aren't any skills that you absolutely need to know. Shy children may also benefit from bouncing as it is not recommended that more than one person be allowed on the the trampoline at one time. They can make their own rules and regulations for the trampoline games that they create and not have to worry about competing with more athletic children.

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