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Trampolines & Arthritis

Did you know that trampoline exercise is a very popular way to treat arthritis?

It is true! Trampolines are an excellent fitness tool for those suffering from arthritis of varying severity. In fact, experts are finding that trampoline workouts are one of the most effective methods of coping with the disease at home.

Trampolines provide a very low-impact form of exercise that is kind on painful joints. Regular training and exercise increases flexibility and reduces the stiffness in joints. They are very reliable, no-fuss devices and are quite safe for users of all ages.

Mini-trampolines are especially helpful for arthritis sufferers because they can be fitted with a bar or a strap to increase user stability. The rebounder bars are especially recommended for those who have problems with balance during exercise. Mini-trampolines recreate low-impact versions of doctor-recommended physical activity, including walking, gentle jogging, stretching, dancing, and coordination exercises.

Additionally, trampolines are especially useful because they tone muscles and provide a cardiovascular workout.  Strengthened, limber muscles are less likely to feel stressed or stiff and are much more effective in supporting and protecting joints that are affected by arthritis.

If a trampoline workout seems like an effective way to relieve your arthritis pain, talk to your doctor today!
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12 July, 2010

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