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Trampoline Supervision

Many parents forget the importance of supervising their kids while they are using the trampoline.  Unfortunately, poorly supervised children are at a high risk of becoming injured. To properly supervise your children on the trampoline, please take the following issues into account:

1) How old are the children?

Trampolines are generally not recommended for children under 6 years old.  It is important to remember that a child's motor skills, reasoning skills, depth perception, and coordination improves as the they get older. Younger children may not realise how close they are to the trampoline safety net poles or trampoline edge and may need to be constantly reminded of the physical specifications of the trampoline. Older children may be more in-tune with their surroundings but may be overconfident in their trampoline abilities. This can lead to improperly performed tricks and flips and subsequent injury. Because of their underdeveloped reasoning skills, children of all ages must be carefully supervised at all times.

2)  What is the area surrounding the trampoline like? 

Sticks, stones, branches, and other debris must be cleared away before jumpers should be allowed to access the trampoline.  Failure to do so can lead to very painful injuries.

3)  What kind of light will be affecting the jumper?

It is generally not recommended for jumpers to jump on the trampoline when they are unable to be seen. While jumping at night is not necessarily discouraged, it is crucial for jumpers to be able to see the physical surroundings of the trampoline. If jumpers will be using the trampoline at night, consider installing a large spotlight or space light to increase visibility.

Happy jumping!

trampoline supervision
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