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Exercise on Your Trampoline

Trampolining is a fun, low impact method of exercise for most users --- even those who struggle with other workouts. It's especially beneficial for people with joint problems, weight issues and those who are easily bored by traditional exercise methods.

For the Elderly

Elderly people are often looking for a way to stay fit without impacting their weakened joints and bones. They are often returning to exercise after a significant period of inactivity, to get fit and improve their health.

Jumping on a small rebounder has becoming increasingly popular among elderly populations. Many healthy, older individuals can reap some fantastic benefits from owning a rebounder, as they can get onto the trampoline without too much difficulty and begin to bounce at their own pace. This low-impact form of exercise ensures that there is very little stress exerted on joints and limbs, but users still experience the improved range of movement and a healthy increase in heart rate.

For Those With Low Mobility

Users of all mobility levels can benefit from the daily use of a rebounder. In fact, rebounders are fantastic for individuals who have difficulty maintaining their balance. Some mini-trampolines are specially fitted with handlebars to assist those who may not have the ability to remain upright.

In addition to the ease of accessibility, many trampoline users greatly enjoy the weightlessness associated with rebounding. The unique, buoyant feeling of trampolining creates an effective and exciting method of exercise. Studies show that users are much more likely to continue with an exercise plan when it is pleasant (fun!) and fits conveniently into a daily schedule. Trampolines can be enjoyed both indoors and out, and come in a wide range of different sizes and specifications.

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