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Crazy Trampoline Wall Stunts: Don't Try This At Home!

I'm constantly on the look-out for a good trampoline video, so I just about nearly fell off my chair when I found this one.

The video below shows Oli Lemieux practicing on the trampoline wall of Cirque Du Soleil. I've watched this video 3 times already and I just can't seem to get over how absolutely incredible this looks. Is this guy for real? I'm truly shocked and amazed at how versatile and skilful the human body can be.


Oli Lemieux is a gymnast for Ciruqe Du Soleil. The video above shows him doing some amazing stunts on the performing group's trampoline training wall.

If I didn't know any better, I'd think that Oli Lemieux is using some sort of matrix-like special effects to achieve these trampoline stunts. This video sure does leave my skills of jumping up and down on my trampoline for dead. Oh well, something to work toward!

Readers, let me know what you think! Can you do any tricks on your trampoline? Well, trampoline tricks that are within the Vuly Play's safety recommendations of course!

trampoline crazy stunts
10 January, 2011 Facebook icon Twitter icon

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