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The Dangers of Cheap Trampolines Pt. 2

We've talked before about how cheap trampolines can endanger your family, but I feel like we should go into more detail. To be clear, I will use the word "cheap" synonymously with the words "poor-quality"; that is, not all inexpensive trampolines are cheap, but the lower the price of the product is, the more likely that the item is not of the utmost quality.

While finding a good deal is great --- and who doesn't love that?! --- some consumers can be persuaded by too-good-to-be-true prices and may be left with a hassle.

Here are just a few problems associated with poor-quality trampolines:

  • Weakened or damaged jump mats

  • Trampoline frames made of thin, bendable steel

  • Thin safety pads that offer little protection against the springs

  • Brittle or easily broken safety nets

  • Easily sun-damaged components

  • Round joins that can slip out of the frame, leading to breakage

  • Unreliable or easily broken springs

Any one of these problems can lead to heartache or disaster for your family.  Before buying a trampoline, shop around. Do your research, compare prices, and consider which trampoline is right for you and your family.
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