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Steel Prices & Trampolines

The cost of steel fluctuates regularly and, when it does, many industries feel the heat.

Since 2007, steel prices have continued to rise and the raw material prices have increased all over the globe.  Steel has experienced a great increase in demand.  To shoulder this burden, the high costs of the materials are passed onto the consumer--- an extra source of stress in poor economic times.

Arguably, the construction industry suffers the most when the price of this commodity goes up because a very large percentage of building materials contain steel components. This makes commercial building more expensive, and raises concerns about design innovations and building components.

Other smaller industries, like the trampoline industry, also face the added pressures of rising steel prices.  Unfortunately, trampoline enthusiasts are not immune to the rising prices of steel and sometimes must grapple with the increased costs. To maintain business operations, these costs can be passed on to families who buy trampolines across the nation.

Are you in a steel-related industry? Can you comment on this phenomenon?
steel prices trampolines
11 July, 2010

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