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Protect your Trampoline from Flash Flooding

I was shocked and upset this morning to see footage on Sunrise of the the devastating flash flooding that has run through the Toowoomba region overnight.

With eight people confirmed dead, and the death toll looking to rise sharply as rescue efforts are delayed by excess flood waters, it seems pertinent to discuss how we can all do our best to protect our trampolines from extreme weather conditions. It is not only our trampolines that are important; we must also protect ourselves and others from flyaway trampolines that have not been properly secured against strong winds and flash flooding.

Vuly's trampoline anchor kit is designed to secure your Vuly trampoline into the ground should any extreme weather conditions occur. Our anchor kit is unique in it's locking system which attaches to the frame of our trampolines and then into the ground using sturdy, galvanised steel pegs.

For instructions on how to use your Vuly Anchor Kit, please click How To Install Your Vuly Anchor Kit.

It has never been more imperative to ensure that your trampoline is secured against conditions of strong winds and/or flash flooding. Extreme weather conditions such as these may lift your trampoline off the ground and lead to flyaway, potentially causing harm to yourself, your property and to others.

Use a Vuly Anchor Kit to secure your trampoline! Don't let this be you!

I hope you, your family and your belongings all stay safe during this troublesome and trying time in Brisbane's history. I am sure we will all get through this together!

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