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Kids' fitness circuit with backyard swing sets.

What's the best way to get your kids active in the backyard, playing together and having a tonne of fun? Setting up an exercise circuit, with Vuly’s new 360 backyard swing set as the centrepiece, is how! The kids won't even know that what they're doing isn't just fun, it's fitness too. 

The 360 backyard swing set's already includes a Spin Swing and a Yoga Swing to to emulate skatboarding and to try out those aerial tricks. With the simple addition of a timer to track ‘personal bests’, you can add some friendly competition and make it a real exercise circuit. 

Kids' backyard swing set fitness circuit – Warm upWarm up.jpg

Before getting the kids out there on a backyard swing set fitness circuit, we always recommend a good warm up to minimise the risk of injury.

Ask them to jog a few laps around the backyard, to complete a few rounds of star jumps and to try some high knees on the spot. This'll ensure that each part of their body is ready for exercise and fun!

Kids' backyard swing set fitness circuit – Push-ups

Kids push up.jpg

Begin the first round of the backyard swing set fitness circuit with push-ups beside your 360.

Have your kids start in the push-up position. Make sure that they have nice, straight backs and that their bottoms are lowered. Once you yell ‘Go!’, they must complete as many push-ups as they can in one minute!

Kids' backyard swing set fitness circuit – 360 Spins

Next in the circuit is the 360 Spin Swing! The second activity in your backyard swing set fitness circuit is all about the leg muscles. Because they'll be pushing with their legs – and their knees will be bent – this simple spinning fun is actually a great way to strengthen those little legs! 

Have your child jump up from the grass and onto the swing. Make sure that they're holding tight, and then yell ‘Go!’. Record how many 360 spins they can do in one minute. 

Kids' swing set fitness circuit for – Acrobatic sit-ups

While one participant is on the Spin Swing, challenge the second to some acrobatics! Ask them to wind their feet around the flexible Yoga Swing and hang upside down. Remember to pay close attention while they're attempting this tricky manoeuvre, and always supervise.

Upon ‘Go!’, have them complete as many sit-ups as they can, using their core strength to lift themselves up in a suspended crunch. When both participants are done on the Spin and Yoga swings, get them to swap!

Kids' swing set fitness circuit – Shooting hoops

The final round in our backyard swing set fitness circuit is all about hand-eye coordination. It's also the ideal way to end a circuit, because it allows the participants to play together and show off their best shots.

Start the timer, and see how many hoops your kids can score in their one minute slots.


Let us know if you and your family have given our backyard swingset fitness circuit a go! Are there any other activities that you incorporate into your circuit to get the kids into some healthy fitness habits?

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