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How your Vuly trampoline can improve your flexibility.

If it’s been decades since you’ve been able to touch your toes, years since you’ve been able to get up off the floor comfortably or you can’t remember a body devoid of stiffness and tightness, then you probably have poor flexibility. No matter your age or weight, your flexibility can be improved easily and simply. Today we explain just why flexibility is so beneficial, and how you can use your Vuly trampoline to improve it.

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How your Vuly trampoline can improve your flexibility—What is flexibility?

Flexibility refers to the range of motion in a joint or collection of joints, so is directly related to your body’s movements and how easily they can be performed. Our flexibility can vary throughout our body, and can become better or worse as we age depending on circumstances such as our levels of physical activity.

Flexibility can be beneficial in many ways—not only does it allow our bodies to move freely with a full range of motion (meaning we can go about our day to day activities with ease), but it can reduce muscle pain and prevent injury by loosening up tight muscles and joints.

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How your Vuly trampoline can improve your flexibility—Getting your Vuly involved

Your flexibility can be improved from the comfort of your own home and without any professional guidance or cost, no matter who you are! The key to improving your flexibility is by completing small, consistent daily stretches—remind yourself that it won’t happen overnight, but as a result from doing a little bit each day.

You’re probably familiar with static stretching, which describes completing one stretch at a time and holding it for around 30 seconds. However, dynamic stretching (which involves movement) is also beneficial for improving your flexibility and can be practised on your Vuly trampoline.

After warming up with some basic bouncing, you can incorporate flexibility exercises such as bounce squats or in-air leg splits into your dedicated Vuly sessions. Try focussing on dynamically stretching one muscle group at a time (i.e. begin with your legs, before moving onto your arms or shoulders), before finishing with a slow and steady static stretching session on your trampoline mat.

What kind of stretches have you been practising on your Vuly trampoline? Have you noticed your flexibility improve?

Vuly trampoline flexibility
03 February, 2017

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