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The facts on fruit: When to eat that apple each day.

Fruit: the delicious, nutrient-packed foods that we love are some of the healthiest snacking options out there. Filled with fibre and essential vitamins, they improve our energy levels, boost immunity, aid the digestive system and detoxify the body.

We've talked before about topics like the natural probiotics in fruit, but did you know that eating your favourite naturally sweet treat at certain times of the day can actually negatively affect your digestive health? Let’s take a closer look…

The facts on fruit – Did you know...


For your body to optimally digest fruit, it’s best to eat it with other fruits or on an empty stomach. This is so that the body can most effectively absorb the simple sugars, and it ensures that the initially speedy digestion time isn’t affected by other foods.

Some people complain of digestive discomfort, bloating and gas if they combine raw fruit with other foods; eating fruit alone is the best way to avoid this.

The facts on fruit – The worst times to eat fruit

Before bed


Because you don’t require a hit of energy during the night, you won't effectively burn off the sugars that you eat before bed, and you can actually convert that apple to fat. Eating sugary foods before bed can also make it difficult to fall asleep; it’s generally best to avoid all fruit once darkness falls.

If you've struggled to lose weight, it's also a good idea to follow the ‘no fruit after lunch rule’, which may encourage your body to burn through fat stores rather than the fruit’s sugars.

The facts on fruit – The best times to eat fruit

Before breakfast


Because your body has been fasting overnight, eating fruit first thing in the morning means that you’ll be able to absorb its maximum nutrition content and digest it freely without discomfort.

Fruit first thing in the morning will also give you an amazing energy boost, helping you to kick-start your day with plenty of buzz and no heavy ‘fullness’. Plus, you’ll have ample time to convert those sugars into useful energy!

Before and after a workout

Eating fruit before or after an intensive trampoline workout is also a fantastic option, as your body will be craving a hit of carbohydrates. As you’re undertaking that physical activity, your body is able to use the fruit as fuel, turning the natural sugars into a valuable energy source.


We’d love to know how you incorporate fruit into your daily diet! Do you blend for a morning smoothie, mix with a dash of yoghurt or simply enjoy it on its own?

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