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Vuly and Justice Frangipane

It's been an very exciting year for Vuly Trampolines! With the release of our new model in the lead up for Christmas, we're sure to play a very important role in assisting Santa this Christmas. While we're busy polishing our sled and making sure Rudolph's light bulb doesn't need changing, our good friends in Los Angeles are making some pretty neat trampolining videos.

With some of Justice's trampoline videos approaching nearly half a million views on YouTube, Vuly and Justice have agreed to professionally produce a video to be released before the year's end!! One of our Vuly Athletes, Olympian Logan Dooley also appears in this video - keep an eye out for more of Logan in our upcoming catalogue due for release in July.


Justice Frangipane

Trampoline is often perceived as an unpopular sport, I believe, mostly due to the World Gymnastics' federations unwillingness to either modernise their marketing capacity, or in some cases develop any kind of legitimate marketing strategy at all for the sport. This also could be partly due to lack of funding and access to key personnel. I believe Justice's videos clearly indicate that trampoline is as thrilling and an exciting sport as any other! Stay tuned.

- Joe

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