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Eat like a nutritionist! Get to know what the pros eat every day

If you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet but your meal ideas are getting a little stale, why not take a leaf out of the experts’ book? Today we share some of the most popular foods that appear in nutritionists’ daily diets—yummy ideas which taste just as good as they are for you.

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Eat like a nutritionist—Green juices and smoothies

If you’re looking for a nutrient hit, then you can’t go past a green juice or smoothie, which many a nutritionist are fans of. The beauty with liquidising foods is that you can get a huge amount into one sitting, so your average green juice or smoothie contains handfuls of the good stuff! Add a bit of fruit for sweetness, but ensure you’re loading it up with plenty of leafy greens for amazing health benefits.

Eat like a nutritionist—Plain Greek yoghurt

Do your digestive system a favour and add plain Greek yoghurt into your daily diet. Avoid flavoured supermarket varieties and instead grab a bottle of the real deal, which is loaded with vitamins and minerals, plus billions of good bacteria which work to bolster your digestive systems and immunity. Some nutritionists even add lemon and garlic to create a delicious savoury Greek yoghurt sauce, perfect for drizzling over grilled chicken and salad.

Eat like a nutritionist—Nuts

Packed with protein plus essential healthy fats, nuts are the delicious sweet-savoury all rounder which can be incorporated into almost any meal. Many nutritionists snack on a handful during the day to tie them over between meals, while some sprinkle on their morning oats or even toast and serve with roasted vegetables and salads.

Eat like a nutritionist—Wholegrains

Oats, quinoa, brown rice… nutritionists will always go for unprocessed, low GI whole grains which keep you fuller for longer and are packed with nutrition. The flavour can be a little boring when served plain, so liven them up with herbs and spices, seasoning and lemon juice.

Eat like a nutritionist—Leafy greens

Every nutritionist incorporates leafy greens into their daily diet, and you should too! If you’re a bit tired of plain old lettuce, then why not try a different variety of greens which has a completely new flavour profile. Kale is great in salads, oven baked into air light chips or sautéed with garlic, or try caramelising brussel sprouts for a modern take on this retro favourite!

Eat like a nutritionist—Eggs

Eggs are a rich source of protein plus lots of vitamins and minerals, plus they are amazingly versatile! Nutritionists love to eat eggs at the beginning of the day with a side of veggies, or as snacks or sides to a main meal. The options are truly endless!

Do you have a go-to healthy ingredient you eat every day? Let us know your favourite healthy, nutritionist-inspired meal ideas and remember to exercise on your Vuly Play trampoline.

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