Vuly Swing Sets

Get ready for the next Vuly innovation... Specially engineered SWING SETS are coming! Vuly are experts in outdoor play, and we're ready to bring the fun of Vuly beyond the trampoline.
The all new backyard swingsets from Vuly.
We started by revolutionising trampolines. Then, we saw the swing sets that were available on the market... and we weren't happy. Vuly has spent years designing and testing our modular Swing Set system. Like our trampolines, it will utilise advanced safety features and feature a premium construction - all wrapped up in a distinctly Vuly design that's built on pushing limits.

Alongside a Vuly trampoline, your kids will experience backyard fun on their Swing Set like they haven't before, and you'll have piece of mind that they're safe while doing it.

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Childrens swing sets coming soon
Our mission has always been to encourage safe and active outdoor play. Swing sets - as backyard staples throughout Australia and the perfect complement to trampolines – could be the ideal gateway to a healthier lifestyle that starts early. With our new Swing Set, Vuly will shake up your expectations of what a 'swing set' can really be.


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