Vuly Care Kit

Defend against corrosion and keep your trampoline in top shape.

*Compatible with Classic, Vuly Lite, Lift and Thunder.


Climb aboard safely.

Compatible with all non-powder-coated Vuly trampolines.

Industrial-strength protection

Your galvanised frame is the most crucial part of your trampoline; use a strong coating that won't harm metal points.


Keep parts lubricated

Guaranteed to not become sticky, stain, dry out or flake - all while lubricating the frame and displacing moisture.

Defend against corrosion

Designed to prevent future rusting - and penetrate any remove existing surface rust - to prolong the life of your trampoline.


Apply with confidence

The Vuly Care Kit contains no silicon, acid, or kerosene. It's totally food safe and non-toxic!

INOX - glove and scourer included
INOX solution, gloves and scourer included!
Galvanised grames.

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